What is the best time to paint the exterior of the house?

When planning to paint the exterior of your house, one must take into account the weather conditions in your area. The best time to paint the exterior of a house is usually during the spring and fall seasons. This is because moderate weather and temperature play a huge part in the output of your paint job. The seasons are a deciding factor that will help you plan out the perfect time to schedule this task.

But why is the weather so important?

In addition to the more obvious reasons like avoiding rain, snow, and other weather phenomena that can impede the overall painting process—the temperature outside plays a key role. The outdoor temperature while painting your house has a direct effect on the finish of the paint. Latex paint is the most commonly used and highly recommended paint type for exterior house painting, but oil paints can also be used.

So what affects your exterior paint job if it's too hot or too cold? Let's take a look:

Too Hot Outside:

Hot weather causes paint to dry too fast, not allowing it to bind properly. This causes clumps on your paintbrush as well as on the walls as you paint. Furthermore, painting when it's hot outside leads to more chance of leaving behind pesky brush marks on your wall, rather than a smooth finish.
Avoid painting in direct sunlight by painting the parts of the house which are in the shade. This is recommended since the actual temperature on a sunny surface will be much higher than the weather forecast “in the shade” temperature.

Too Cold Outside:

Cold weather prevents paints from properly adhering to the intended surface. This basically means that the coat of paint can start to crack and peel off because it did not properly bond to the wall surface.

Ideal Temperatures:

If you're using latex paint, the ideal "in the shade" temperature ranges between 50°- 85° F.

If you go with oil paint, the ideal "in the shade" temperature ranges between 40°- 90° F. 

Now that you have all the facts, you're ready to perfectly time and plan out your home exterior painting. Remember that the best time to paint the exterior of a house is during spring and fall, and avoid painting under direct sunlight. The prep work you do on your home exterior will also play a significant part in the resulting paint job.

Remember these three key pointers when determining the best time to paint exterior of house:

1. Don't deviate from the recommended seasons - Spring, Summer, and Fall
2. Don't paint when it's raining or wet and dewy outside
3. Don't deviate from the recommended temperature ranges mentioned above

Furthermore, if you're planning to paint your house while you and your family are at home, look for no-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint. Most water-based, latex paints contain VOCs or volatile organic compounds. As these types of paints dry, they release chemical gases into the air for up to six whole months after applying it!
In addition to being bad for you, they are bad for the environment as this "paint pollution" affects the ozone layer and contributes to the creation of smog. Thankfully, there are now paints available on the market which produce fewer VOCs, so be sure to check for this when making your purchase.

Happy painting!

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